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Buy Giant Newton's Cradle at the best priceNewton's cradle is a toy composed by five identical balls, each one hanging from a frame with two threads of the same length, all of them being in contact and aligned. When you take the last ball on the left or on the right and pull it against the others, you will see that the ball of the opposite side will move and reach the same height than the first ball. However, the rest of the balls will remain at rest position. 

The toy was invented in 1967 by English actor Simon Prebble and named after scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton. It is used to show graphically the laws of motion, better known as Newton's Laws. One of them is the law of conservation of energy, which affirms that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. In other words, it means that energy is always kept and conserved, as it occurs in this peculiar toy. 

In order to play with Newton's Cradle, you have to take one or more balls and let them fall so that they hit the other ones. The result is different depending on the number of balls used each time. It is an endlessly amusing, rhythmical effect.

Newton's Cradle features:

  • Newton's Cradle
  • 5 metal balls
  • Measures: 15 x 14 x 14cm
  • Metal structure


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Giant Newton Cradle

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