Compak Bag Vacuum Packing Bags

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Buy Compak Bag Vacuum Packing Bags at the best price. Tired of your closets, drawers and wardrobes being stuffed with items that you haven't worn or used in ages? Introducing the Compak Bag Vacuum Packing Bags. These bags to store your clothes are very convenient and easy to use. You will have incredible results! Simply put those winter clothes and blankets in a Compak Bag and they'll take up to 75% less space.

Just place the items to be stored into the Compak Bag, attach the hose of any household vacuum cleaner to the valve and suck out all the air. Then simply hang or store the items in the attic, garage, under the bed - anywhere. You'll be amazed how much space is saved!

Features of the Compak Bag Vacuum Packing Bags:

  • Protects clothing from dirt, water, insects and odours
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Save up to 75% space
  • Made of nylon and polyethene
  • With adjustment ring for vacuum cleaners
  • You'll receive 1 Compak Bag vacuum packing bag: 100 x 130cm


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Compak Bag Vacuum Packing Bags

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