Ludo Drinking Game

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The Ludo drinking game is an addictive board game. It's very similar to a game commonly known as 'parcheesi.' This childhood game is easy to play because of its simple rules, but now we're introducing the new version of ludo, for adults. This game is simply excellent. It comes with a board, glass tokens and dice for the game. But how is it played? It's quite simple. The pieces are small shot glasses which you simply have to refill before starting. When players jump over or take your piece, they have to drink the shot and fill it again. When you take your piece to the end, you are entitled to a shot and to leave the empty glass in its box. The winner of the game will be the one who finishes with all four shots in and empty. It's a fun and highly recommended board game. Measures: 31 x 31 cm.


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Ludo Drinking Game

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